Accurate + Unique =  ACCUNIQ

Accurate Diagnosis-Unique Device


+ accurate diagnosis

+ accurate information / data

+ precise research

เครื่องวัด วิเคราะห์ส่วนประกอบร่างกาย ไขมัน Accuniq


+ unique

+ technology that only Accuniq possesses

+ unique device

ACCUNIQ provides accurate measurement that leads to better diagnosis and treatment through advanced technology and precision engineering.



Through accurate and precise diagnosis we can
recommend the most appropriate treatments and
improve the balance of a healthy body



By pursuing the most cutting-edge and advanced
technologies future-oriented innovations at Accuniq endeavor to
support body and mind ensuring our customers have a healthy lifestyle.

Certifications and Patents

Accuniq’s body composition analyzer’s design has been certified for its ex

Accuniq has been recognized nationally and internationally for its technology by receiving awards,
certificates and patents such as being selected as 1999 the world’s leading enterprise, the National Venture Company President Award,
Prime Minister Award, Venture Design Award, luxury domestic medical equipment grand award.